Mr. Muhammad Bilal Nutkani

Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering, CUI Wah Campus

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M. Bilal Nutkani is working since 2018 at COMSATS University, Islamabad, Pakistan. During this time, he has taught these labs courses i.e., Engineering Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials, Mechanisms and Mechanical vibrations, Internal Combustions Engines, and Power Plants laboratories. Besides teaching, Bilal has been a part of the important research work in Mechanical department under the project titled “Design and Development of Innovative Impact Resistant Hybrid Structures based on Super Elastic Shape Memory Alloys and Light Weight Lattice” This project was funded by Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) and collaboration with National Science Foundation China (NSF). This project aimed to design a high-performance multi-layered impact resistance structure to satisfy the lightweight and high protective performance requirements of commercial and defense applications. M Bilal has been involved in the development of infrastructure and testing facilities for the project and his contribution was acknowledged in the infrastructure and technology development i.e.

a.      Establishing DLP-based advanced 3D printing facility

b.      Indigenous development of Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB) test facility

c.       High Performance Computational Laboratory

d.      Drop weight impact test (DWIT) setup

 In addition to project work M Bilal  also worked on additive manufacturing focusing on the development of 3D printed lattice structure of polymers and metallic for testing with compression, impact and energy absorption behavior by performing material characterization. Outcome of this research work includes two impact factor publications and six conference papers. M. Bilal worked in a consulting and contracting company from 2016 to 2017 as site engineer.

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