Dr. Waqar Husain

Tenured Associate Professor of Humanities, CUI Islamabad Campus

Email: drwaqar@comsats.edu.pk
Phone/Ext. #: 051-8318470
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Dr. Waqar Husain, also known as Dr. Sukoon, is a distinguished Psychologist. With an impressive array of qualifications including a PhD, an MPhil, and an MSc in Clinical Psychology, coupled with over 25 years of invaluable experience in research, teaching, and clinical practice, Dr. Sukoon has been working on several pioneering constructs within the philosophy and science of psychology. He has labeled his work as 'Natural Psychology' which is the 'Sensory & Ultimate Knowledge On Observing Nature - SUKOON'. It is an enlightening approach that explores the intersection of the Quran and modern psychology. It differentiates Nature from Nurture and highlights the unequivocal importance of Nature in shaping lifelong psychosocial grooming and achieving optimal psychosocial health. Dr. Sukoon extracts profound insights on human psychology from the Quran and introduces the concept of four distinct selves, each characterized by a unique nature. Furthermore, Dr. Sukoon unveils the existence of eight types of intelligence, unravels the intricacies of behavior execution and free will, and delves into the realms of psychosocial health, wellness, and illness. Dr. Sukoon's research journey also encompasses selective sociality, a model of lifelong learning for educational excellence, and the identification of two previously unknown mental conditions: atimiaphobia and charismaphobia. Empowering clinicians and researchers alike, Dr. Sukoon has developed a comprehensive clinical framework for understanding, diagnosing, and treating psychosocial problems. His innovative approach has further led to the creation and validation of more than 25 new psychological scales, revolutionizing the assessment and measurement of various psychological phenomena.
To delve deeper into the groundbreaking work and remarkable publications of Dr. Sukoon, you are invited to visit his engaging website at www.drsukoon.info and prepare to embark on a journey of enlightenment, where intuitive wisdom and modern science converge to reshape the landscape of psychology.

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