Dr. Muhammad Zakir Ali

Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences, CUI Vehari Campus

Email: zakirali@cuivehari.edu.pk
Phone/Ext. #: +92 (0) 334 063 45 26
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Dr. Muhammad Zakir Ali is Tenured Associate Professor at CUI Vehari Campus. Dr. Zakir has interest in understanding the interdependence of animal behavior on their sensory systems as well as modulation in behavior by external stimuli such as olfactory signals and is Principle Investigator of HEC-NRPU-7882 Project entitled "Exploiting the specificity of herbivore-induced volatile chemicals in real-time crop monitoring for sustainable agriculture in Pakistan". He has secured International Scholarship offered by HEC, Pakistan and got the chance to pursue PhD studies in Chemical Ecology group, Alnarp Sweden. During PhD work, Dr. Zakir has learned about chemical signaling, behavioral perception and sensory system modulations in moths. Since 2013, during teaching and research career as Assistant Professor (TTS) at QAU-Islamabad and currently as Tenured Associate Professor at CUI-Vehari Campus, Dr. Zakir has engaged M.Phil./MS students to work on the role of plant growth promoting rhizobacterias (PGPRs) in plant protection measures and reduction of heavy metal toxicity. In addition,  MS students have also been involved in interdisciplinary research such as understanding the epidemiological effects of pesticides and cigarette smoking on human and animal health.

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