Prof. Dr. Sajjad A. Madani

Professor of Computer Science, CUI Islamabad Campus

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Dr Madani is Professor in the department of computer science. Graduated from LUMS in 2003, Dr. Madani joined COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) as lecturer. After 2 years, Dr. Madani proceeded for PhD to Vienna University of Technology, Austria and accomplished his research work in remarkable short span of 2.75 years.Dr. Madani devoted his career for the promotion of IT education. He has been instrumental in setting up effective collaborations, organizing IT conferences of international repute, designing and upgrading IT curriculum, co-authoring concept paper leading to the establishment of CIIT virtual campus, contributing significantly to IT research,setting up of computer labs in deprived government schools, and supervising a good number of graduate and undergraduate students.Dr. Madani established collaboration between CIIT and North Dakota State University evident from the production of numerous joint publications and projects. In another outstanding effort,Dr. Madani established collaboration between CIIT and Energy Department of Austrian Institute of Technology in a bid to make mirror research group at CIIT in the area of “Energy and IT”. In this connection; 8 PhD students from Pakistan are integrated in important research projects at AIT on the funding of Austrian government (3 years scholarship).Dr. Madani contributed in a distinctive way in the dissemination of cutting-edge IT research. He is organizing international conference on frontiers of information technology for the last 5 years. During these years, the conference became truly international and was technically sponsored b the IEEE Computer society, and the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society.He has also been organizing exhibition of Pakistani Universities for the last 2 years at Vice Chancellors Forum (Islamic World) and a workshop on ICTs in Pak-China Business Forum.In a bid to fuel entrepreneurship and innovation in Pakistan, Dr. Madani organized Best IT innovation awards in December 2012; where the winner (PKR 1.0 Million) ultimately ended up with a start-up company.Dr. Madani co-prepared and presented the concept paper of the establishment of virtual campus for distance learning at COMSATS institute of Information Technology, with the model and emphasis on using IT tools as enabler for delivery and learning. This led to the establishment of virtual campus of CIIT which is already a success story in a short period of time with a student enrollment of around 4000, 9 programs at undergraduate level, and 3 programs at graduate level.Dr. Madani, as chairperson of the department of computer science, has revised and upgraded the CS curriculum to match it to international standards steered by ABET and the ACM. He has also actively participated in the development and up-gradation of IT curriculum of various universities in Pakistan. He is also on the department council of IBA Sukkar. Dr Madani is contributing significantly to research. He is senior member of IEEE. He has already published over 60 papers in well reputed journals and conferences. Dr. Madani’s research has over 1200 citations and Impact Factor of around 40. Dr Madani has already supervised 24 MS students. He is currently supervising  5 PhD students.Dr. Madani is the recipient of a prestigious 12th Tera data National IT Excellence Award, a gold medal for grabbing top position in the department, and scholarships for MS and PhD studies by Ministry of Science and Technology and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. He is additionally looking after the virtual campus of CIIT as interim director.

Teaching Statement:
I consider teaching as one of the most satisfying profession. The instant feelings one experience after delivering a good lecture are comforting as well as matchless. Over the last 15+ years, I have dedicated my life to the teaching profession (besides research) while teaching to the student at undergraduate as well as post graduate level. During all these years, I have acquired extensive and necessary teaching experience. I usually follow the Socratic method of teaching that revolves around student engagement and cooperative dialogue to ignite the critical thinking abilities of the students. My student feedback with regards to teaching have always be exceptional. The following is the list of courses I have been teaching all these years and has enriched my teaching experience. The courses related to communication networks have been taught for quite a number of times and I have developed a strong liking for teaching networking related courses.

Undergraduate Courses taught: 1. System programing 2. Modern programming language 3. Numerical Computations 4. Software Engineering 5. Computer Networks 6. Computer Network Design and Management 7. Emerging Wireless Networks 8. Computer communications and networks 9. Wireless Networks 10. Operating Systems
Graduate Courses taught: 1. Advanced Computer Networks and Data Communication 2. Advance Topics in distributed Systems 3. Advance Computer Networks 4. Advance Wireless Networks 5. Advance topics in computer networks 6. Advance topics in wireless networks 7. Networks standards and protocols 8. Advance Topics in Simulation and Modelling 9. Special Topics in Wireless Technologies 10. Special Topics in Computer Networks

The integration of technology into teaching has been my passion for the past few years. In this regard, I have been instrumental in initiating the idea of Technology-Mediated Hybrid Learning for the regular students of all campuses of CIIT registered in various programs. The idea is to provide flexible learning opportunities to registered students in selected subjects to inculcate in them one of the most important 21st century skill, the self-learning skill. By Initiating and implementing the Technology-Mediated Hybrid Leaning CIIT became the first University in Pakistan offering the Hybrid Mode of Learning. Currently over 6200 students are enrolled in 3 courses being offered across CIIT. Each course lecture is composed of a video lecture, short animated summary of the lecture, lecture slides, lecture handout summarizing the concepts, and lectures with in-video quizzes for instant feedback to the students. The idea ultimately is to develop a rich course-ware for the students of CIIT in particular and other students in general. 

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