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Proposal - Guest Talk on “Emerging Trends in the Middle East”

Friday, October 10, 2014

Proposal - Guest Talk


“Emerging Trends in the Middle East”


  • The Department of Humanities, in continuation to the series of Guest Lectures at the Campus, intends to invite, Ambassador Ali Sarwar Naqvi who is presently serving as the founding Executive Director of the Centre for International Strategic Studies (CISS), Islamabad to deliver a talk on the said subject at CIIT. The profile of the speaker is given below:

Profile of the Speaker

  • Ambassador Naqvi has served in various capacities in Pakistani Missions abroad and at the headquarters from 1970 to 2006.He was Pakistan’s ambassador to Jordan, Austria and IAEA. As Executive Director of CISS since 2010, he has been overseeing the work of autonomous think tank for research and analysis of current regional and international strategic issues from Pakistan’s perspective. 


  • In the present scenario the Middle East is passing through challenging times where disintegrative forces are threatening several countries in the region. These features present a volatile mix exacerbated by such forces as ISIS. For Pakistan, monitoring these trends is of immense importance and relevance. It is hoped that Ambassador Naqvi’s talk will enlighten the audience particularly those interested in International Relations.

Program Details

  • Date: Friday  10th Oct 2014

           Time: 11:00am to 12:30 pm

           Venue: Seminar Hall

Organizing Team:

  • The following faculty members constitute the organizing team:
    • Amb.Fouzia Nasreen
    • Dr.Maqsud-ul-Hassan Nuri
    • Dr .Chaugtai
    • Mr S.M Ali Zaidi