The proposed project aims to carry out feasibility study for the provision of 24/7 municipal drinking water supply to the inhabitants of one of the Sectors (I-8) Islamabad, Pakistan as a model. Another similar (completed) project “Smart Water Metering and Pricing Project (SWMP)” revealed that due to lack of capacity of municipal water suppliers (Capital Developmental Authority- CDA), private tanker mafia has taken over causing a high-cost burden on residents. To resolve the issues, a revenue-based 24/7 municipal drinking water supply to urban areas was recommended. The subject feasibility study will digitize the existing water supply distribution network of the I-8 sector using GIS technology, cost-benefit analysis for the implementation of water metering and pricing in addition to the provision of safe drinking water as a model in the study area. In addition to this study, awareness sessions on water conservation for local community will be arranged in schools, mosques, and communities. The partner countries Egypt and Nigeria will be benefiting by implementation of the same project/ study in their countries to conserve water by using available recourses.


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