Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering program at CIIT bridges gap between computer science theory and its practical applications using different technologies and tools. Software Engineering discipline focuses on imparting the practical knowledge and technical training which should enable students to harmonize theory with practice, concepts with applications, and problems with solutions.

This program is preparing professionals having a mastery of software development principles, theory, practice, and process to develop high quality software applications and is producing future agents of change, individuals who will be leading and improving the software industry and practices in the coming years. The graduates of this Program will have grounding in communication, mathematics, sciences, cultural, ethical, and social issues that influence and affect to the development of high quality software systems.

Entry Requirements

  • Intermediate or equivalent with minimum 50% marks, from an accredited institution
  • Valid NTS test score as per CIIT policy


  • Minimum: 8 Semesters; 4 years
  • Maximum: 12 semesters; 6 years