About Us

The Department of Chemistry at CUI, Islamabad campus was established in July 2018. It envisions to excel in teaching, research and public outreach. By adopting multidisciplinary curriculum and diversity in our faculty, staff and students, we strive to be a renowned chemical institute. Graduates would be trained as critical thinkers and independent learners who can address the scientific problems of global significance.

Scientific research knowledge is a key factor in the growth and development of a country. To increase the intellectual capital through professional skills and expertise will ultimately foster innovation. The mission of the department is to provide a platform where the scientific research, chemical synthesis, instrument handling and data analysis can be performed in a professional and ethical manner. Researchers are trained to develop novel materials for sustainable energy resources, drug discoveries and environmental applications. The foreseen outcome of our program is the human resource development in multiple fields like water and energy conservation, waste management, petrochemical, medical and pharmaceutical industries, nanotechnology, quality control, safety management etc.

Moreover, faculty is encouraged to design research-based academic programs relevant to the needs of industry. This effort will help to establish a strong bond between academia and industry. Keeping in view the needs of the country, research output in the form of publications and product will drive them towards entrepreneurship, innovation, startup businesses and incubation. By using their knowledge platform to resolve the industrial problems would make them job-creators instead of job seekers. Forging links between academia and industry based on knowledge-based economy would contribute in the overall socio-economic growth of the Pakistan.

Graduate Program Coordinator
Mr. Hamid Raza Bhatti
Assistant Program Officer
Department of Chemistry
COMSATS University Islamabad, Islamabad Campus
Email: hamidraza@comsats.edu.pk


Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Dr. Sobia Dilpazir
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
COMSATS University Islamabad, Islamabad Campus
Email: sobia.dilpazir@comsats.edu.pk
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