CDC Career Expo Event

Tuesday, August 2, 2022
COMSATS Project & Career Expo (CPCE) SPRING 2022 - Islamabad Campus, washeld on June 16, 2022. Departmentof Economics arranged interview sessions for the students from the Department of Economics. From Economics Department, the focal persons of the event was Ms. Nuzhat Falki, Assistant Professor and Dr. Saira Habib while six students were among the organizers for this event. Reputable companies/organizations conducted around 150 interviews and shortlisted 20 students for Internships and Jobs. The event was very successful as it provided an excellent forum for the students to exhibit their skills and expertise that they have learnt in their degree programs at the Department of Economics-COMSATS University Islamabad. Participating companies also appreciated the holding of the event as it provided a link between the academia and the industry. Head of Economics Department Dr. Mumtaz Ahmad distributed certificates to the representatives of the companies and also the organizers of this event. We congratulate the entire team for conducting a very successful event.

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