Centangle Interactive Pvt Ltd 

Type: Private Sector

Since: Saturday, June 1, 2013

Phone: 051-2825565
Website: http://centangle.com
Location:: Islamabad ,Pakistan

Company Description:

Centangle was founded in 2013 as an AOP. Centangle started its formal operations in Jan, 2015 as a private limited company registered under companies ordinance 1984. Currently, the company employs several dedicated web app and mobile app developers from all across Pakistan. Our mission is to be the leader in digital media arena by investing our time and knowledge in strategically well-located markets. Scalability is our top priority. We dedicated uncountable man-hours in creating solutions that have tremendous ability to expand. Centangle believes in quality and affordable solutions. We always take steps that are not only beneficial for one party but we thrive to achieve mutual benefit.

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