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The Department of Architecture & Design (DAD) CUI started its Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) degree program in 2005. The department was established with an inter-disciplinary philosophy, with the intent that architecture is a critical feature of a broader social and cultural context. The role of culture is primary in the production of the built environment, as architecture is a means to communicate cultural values and form cultural identities. The general approach in architectural schools is to emphasize on the practice of skills in the design studios while leaving the supporting subjects as theoretical discourse; making them remote, detached, with little relevance to the design studios. We envisage a research based pedagogy in all subjects where students demonstrate their knowledge through exams and in the form of research projects that synthesize the semester’s work, as well as emphasize the skills of critical thinking and analysis acquired by students. The B. Arch curriculum was thus designed to situate architecture within these broader and multi-faceted parameters and to be taught through a holistic pedagogy.

The academic plan and scheme of studies (SoS) of the B. Arch program have been under review and discussion since the last two years. The intentions of these discussions have been to improve upon our founding documents. This proposed revision of the SoS has been prepared in view of the underlying vision of the department which views architecture within a wider context. It is envisaged that this proposal through the breaking up of architectural technologies into smaller and more intensive segments and through the introduction of a wide range of electives will deepen and broaden the knowledge base of our students. It will help DAD in delivering our inter-disciplinary vision more effectively.

The introduction of the undergraduate program is through the Foundation Year which gives an overview of architecture, art, design and culture so that the students develop a thought process based on their observations and understanding of a wide range of artistic and cultural practices and processes. The underlying rational of this is to teach the students that all architecture provides cultural insights as it displays the identity, traditions and history of a culture. The foundation year imparts intensive training in verbal and graphic communication, logical thinking and the ability to theorize art and architecture.

The following three years (2nd-4th) are organised around the unique framework of an integrated curriculum, whereby the designs undertaken in the studios are enriched by a thinking process developed through the study of History & Theory of Architecture, and supported with the knowledge of materials, tools and techniques gained through the study of Architectural Technologies. The student gains the ability to independently conceive a project within an appropriate context, with an understanding of its functional, spatial and structural requirements. All the acquired knowledge of these 8 semesters will culminate in the 5th year and along with the research undertaken in the 9th semester will lead to a meaningful/responsive thesis project completed in the 10th semester.

After 5 years, students will have the skills needed to conceptualize and design a building; understand building technologies, to communicate ideas through the graphic mediums of drawing as well as verbal and written expression. In addition to these, the extensive knowledge of historical and theoretical underpinnings of art and architecture will provide intellectual scaffolding for their architectural designs. DAD envisages that the architects produced through this process will be intellectually and practically skilled to contribute to a multi-disciplinary and collaborative professional world.

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