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Thesis 23 - Thesis Show of Department of Art and Design 2023 – 20th June 2023

Thesis 23: Thesis Show of Department of Art and Design 2023 – 20th June 2023

The Department of Art and Design at COMSATS University Islamabad recently hosted the highly anticipated Thesis Show 2023, showcasing the exceptional achievements of the 11th batch of Bachelor of Design students and the inaugural batch of Bachelor of Fine Arts graduates. The inauguration event, held on 20th June 2023, drew considerable attention and acclaim, attracting art enthusiasts, industry professionals, and members of the academic community. The show continued till 24th June 2023.

The Thesis Show served as a platform for the students to exhibit their visionary projects, reflecting their creative prowess and intellectual exploration. With a diverse range of topics and mediums, the event exemplified the department's commitment to fostering critical thinking and addressing pertinent societal issues through artistic expression.

Among the captivating projects displayed, several themes emerged as focal points of the exhibition. Notable projects included thought-provoking explorations of women's rights within the institution of marriage, shedding light on gender equality and social empowerment. Additionally, students delved into the origins of human creativity, unravelling its enigmatic nature and its impact on individual and collective imagination.

One of the most striking aspects of the Thesis Show was the students' dedication to addressing environmental concerns. Projects centered around water conservation issues in Pakistan highlighted the urgent need for sustainable practices and responsible resource management. Furthermore, the show embraced the promotion and recognition of marginalized Pakistani communities, underscoring the department's commitment to inclusivity and social justice.

The inclusion of the first batch of Bachelor of Fine Arts graduates added an extra layer of excitement to the event. Their artworks showcased a wide spectrum of creativity, ranging from poignant examinations of socio-economic dystopias to intimate portrayals of the profound bond between a mother and her daughter.

The success of the Thesis Show 2023 can be attributed not only to the exceptional talents of the students but also to the guidance and expertise of the esteemed faculty members. Their mentorship and support have played a vital role in shaping these budding artists and designers, preparing them to make a significant impact in their respective fields.

The Thesis Show 2023 at COMSATS University Islamabad was an extraordinary celebration of artistic ingenuity and intellectual exploration. It served as a testament to the transformative power of art and design, inspiring attendees to reflect on pressing societal issues and envision a more inclusive and sustainable future.

The students’ works are available online as the Thesis 23’s digital documentation is available for public.

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