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PechaKucha nights by Kuch Khaas

On 27 of January, 2018, Kuch Khaas, the Center for Arts, Culture and Dialogue initiated the start of the first PechaKucha nights in Islamabad. Aiming to bring together creative individuals in gatherings to share and discuss their work and practices, PechaKucha Nights were started by a group of architects residing in Tokyo. Under the premise that ‘architects talk will talk for hours if placed in front of a few images’, the gatherings aimed to challenge the presenters by restricting them to talk within the span of 20 slides, timed to 20 seconds each. This method of gathering and sharing slowly became popular and spread all over the world, and today, people of all industries gather in cities to show their works in this method.

Kuch Khaas’ endeavor was the first of its kind here in the city of Islamabad, being an officially recognized PechaKucha night. With the topic being the artist’s of the twin cities and their studios, three faculty members of the Department of Architecture and Design were invited to be a part of this.

Dr. Shahida Mansoor, Associate Professor presented “Encounter my Woodblock Prints”. While working with the Japanese medium of water-based color woodblock prints, Dr. Shahida's interest in her traditions and arts became renewed and strengthened. Her encounter with Japanese woodblock print - and as a result, a renewed interest in her own traditions - is not terminus in the sense that she is not a traditionalist in her expression.

Dr. Tabassum Shaheen, Assistant Professor presented her topic “Between Idea and Reality”. She is influenced greatly by nature and natural elements, and her work revolves around this inspiration. She produced intricate and complex pen and ink drawings that represent the multilayered aspects of reality in nature or at least the perception of it.

Ms. Amna Hashmi, Assistant Professor explained her presentation Studio Space. She talked about her fascination for the miniature art technique. Her passion for graphic art and story narration has prompted her to combine the contemporary miniature art style, manga, anime and book art to create her own unique style.

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